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About PFCS (Public Free Clinic Society)


Public Free Clinic Society (PFCS) was founded in 1974, which then affiliated with Association for Promoting Chinese Medicines. From early 2009, to achieve better governance, the Commissioner of Charities has laid down regulations for all charitable organizations, including PFCS, to comply. On 6 June 2010, PFCS adopted a new constitution and became a Public Character (IPC) directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health (MOH).  


To-date, PFCS has 4 branches that located at Clementi, Tampines ,Geylang and Jurong, with a huge turn-up of 10 thousands patients monthly. The PFCS yearly operating cost solely rely on the kind donations from the public.



PFCS Geylang Headquarter (HQ) is a 7-storey building that housed a registration cum dispensary area, consultation rooms, offices, and a conference room. On 15th Oct 2006, the National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan graced the opening of the new building which marked an important milestone of PFCS advancement in the charity journey. The HQ has 6 consultation rooms. It also provides special medical treatment, and engages dozens of experienced TCM physicians. In Sept 2010, PFCS invited the China’s Top Ten Famous TCM Professor Guo Zi Guang’s chief disciple, Professor Liu Yang to Geylang HQ to provide his expertise in treating complex and difficult diseases. Prof Liu Yang is knowledgeable and caring with vast clinical experience, he has garnered unanimous support and respect from the patients.



PFCS Tampines  was set up to further expand our medical services and to provide close proximity and convenience to the community. In 1999, PFCS opened the outpatient branch at the densely populated Tampines void deck of Blk 245, street 21.  This opportunity to benefit the community was made possible with the generous donation of $200,000 from Tampines Chinese Temple. On 10th April 1999, we invited the Minister Mah Bow Tan to grace the ground laying ceremony. Tampines branch has 8 consultation rooms with more than 60 qualified TCM physicians and has made Tampines branch the first choice of medical consultation in the nearby neighbourhood.



PFCS Clementi  was established in 2009, and during the fund raising we received great assistance and support from the MP and grassroots leaders, and the Singapore Buddhist Youth Mission pledged $300,000, Philanthropist Mdm Maih Lan Ying pledged $100,000,the Nanyang Khek Community Guild Chairman Mr. Ho Kiau Seng pledged $50,000 etc towards the clinic building funds. On 12th April 2009, we invited West Coast GRC MP Mr. Arthur Fong to grace the ground laying ceremony. In September of the same year, a TCM clinic that provides affordable medical services was opened, with an area of 3350 square feet that housed 6 consultation rooms, a conference room, waiting areas and registration counter. This is the first clinic of PFCS with the most patients in the western region. On 12th December 2010, PFCS celebrated a grand 36th anniversary and the opening of the Clementi branch. We were honored to invite the Prime Minister’s Office Minister, Mr. Lim Swee Say as the honored guest, and the Minister of State of MCYS (Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports) Mrs. Yu-Foo Yee Shoon to attend and witness this  exciting moment of history.



PFCS Jurong  On 24th December 2010, Super Galvanising Pte Ltd in Tuas took the lead and pledged $300,000 in the Jurong Branch clinic construction fund, to keep the fund raising ball rolling  and attract more kind-hearted donations into the set-up of the 5th PFCS branch. Super Galvanising Pte Ltd had great conviction in sharing the great love, and its employees also stepped up the medical fund raising and collected $9,203.28 within a short period of time, so that through PFCS, we can pass on their love to each patient.



Upholding the spirit of unity and teamwork, PFCS president Mr. Seow Ser Fatt led the committee members, together went to heartlands in Boon Keng, Jurong and Pioneer to search for a suitable location for a new branch. Armed with the primary  goal to help the poor, the first choice was for the less privileged elderly populated heartlands. As most suitable locations were taken up by applications from pre-education organizations, the choices left for PFCS were limited. During the application, there were many hurdles and obstacles but PFCS remained  unbeaten. On 22th Aug 2011, with the strong support from MOH, MP of Jurong, CCC and the government ministries, PFCS managed to applied successfully for Blk 539 Jurong West Ave 1 as the 5th PFCS branch – the Jurong Branch Clinic.



On 11th December 2011, PFCS celebrated 37th anniversary and invited guest–of-honour, the Acting Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Chan Chun Sing to the event. Minister Tan highly commended PFCS for the past 37th years of unremitting effort in charity, and gave due recognition on the important role PFCS had played and encouraged the public to give continued support to PFCS.  Mr. Tan urged to public to do their parts in terms of money or physical support as per their ability. Mr. Tan also highlighted that the MCYS hope to work with PFCS to extend the medical services to needy areas and to take better care of the aged and the families.  PFCS president, Mr. Seow Ser Fatt, thanked the donors for the construction costs was sufficiently raised, thanked for the $300K donation from Super Galvanishing Pte Ltd , thanked for the $300K donation from Lee Foundation, thanked for the 100K from PFCS life-time honourable presidents, thanked Mr. Lew Chee Beng and Dr. Hong Hai for 50K each. Also thanked other PFCS life-time honourable presidents for the various donations ranged from 1K to 20K, that all contributed to the 800K building funds. We were sure that PFCS had garnered strong support and recognition from the public. On 17th Sept 2012, Jurong Branch clinic launched the operations and brought good news to the needy sick of affordable TCM medical services in Jurong areas.



The History of Mobile Clinic (MC) In 1983, PFCS started MC and ventured into various heartlands and senior centres in Singapore, providing convenient and close proximity medical service to the poor and the aged, continuously for the past 28 years. In 2003, Char Yong (Dabu) Association sponsored $90K to acquire a new MC vehicle and enabled PFCS to continue providing its quality TCM medical services to the needy residents. The consultation hours of the MC are from 7pm to 9pm with convenience and close proximity to the residents.



Home TCM Treatment (HTT) has garnered good appraisal for its caring service. In 2008, philanthropist Mr. Tan Kwang Hwee donated 100K to support the set-up of HTT medical fund. And in the same year, as never behind in charity deed, Mr. Lim Chin Huat also donated 60K. On June 2009, the first PFCS HTT vehicle launched for operation, with a team of experienced TCM physicians, visited the heartlands and senior centres personally providing free home medical services to the needy sick. This has provided great convenience the immobile patients and the efficacy of the treatment had attracted a large number of patients line up to apply for the HTT service. On 2010, L. Square Properties upon knowing of PFCS facing insufficient medical fund, helped raise fund during their Chinese New Year festive event, and donated 200K to top up the HTT medical fund. In the same year, Fragrance Group Limited also donated 100K to PFCS medical fund. On Aug 2010, the 2nd HTT vehicle launched successfully and benefited more needy patients.


PFCS Jurong : On 24th Nov, 2013, Deputy Prime Ministry cum Ministry of Finance, Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam, presided over the opening ceremony for Jurong branch. It is 4th branch of Public Free Clinic Society that officially services the poor people in the new starting point.


During the opening ceremony, Mr. Shanmugaratnam praised Public Free Clinic Society has established its branches and mobile clinics to serve people, which fully reflected the spirit of community. He said that Public Free Clinic society is not a government organization, but initiated by TCM physicians and gain their support by community leaders. PFCS has contributed a lot of good things over the past 39 years. It led by the community, cooperated with basic levels, and supported the practice by government when needed. These are the best way towards the future.


The total area of Jurong Branch is 3800 square feet, included eight clinics, dispensing chamber, registration room, and one office. With more spacious and comfortable waiting hall, new treatment equipments, and nearly 900 kinds of free boiled Chinese medicine (powder, pellet , medicine ) are available to treat patients .It has greatly improving the efficacy of treatment for medical consultation .


In 2013, as Singapore's population is increasingly towards aging process, chronic disease also growing yearly. Due to this situation, Public Free Clinic Society was planning to set up the [Geriatrics medicine treatment centre] at the east area. This centre is specialized diagnosis and treatment of rheumatism, stroke, diabetes and other diseases in elderly age. Regardless of race, Public Free Clinic Society provides free treatment for low-income families or unemployed young people who suffer with stroke illness. [Geriatric medicine treatment centre] is not only adding more comfortable and consistent hardware facilities, but also enhancing software service for elderly patients. Therefore, more low-income patients may enjoy high-quality and inexpensive TCM treatment services provided by Public free clinic society. When Public Free Clinic Society planed to set up the [Geriatric medicine treatment centre], it has got the immediately enthusiastic support from the charities once the announcement has made. The following philanthropists have generously made their contribution and dedicated their love to help more elderly patients.


*PFCS Committee Member cum Honorary President, 
 Dr. Huang Hai, made the donation of one hundred thousand dollars.


*PFCS Committee Member cum Honorary President,
 Mr. Ching Chiat Kwong, made the donation of one hundred thousand dollars.


*PFCS Committee Member cum Honorary President,
 Mr. Tan Kwang Hwee, made the donation of eighty thousand dollars.


*PFCS Committee Member cum Honorary President,
 Mdm.Maih Lan Ying, made the donation of thirty thousand dollars.


PFCS is always most willing to be a bridge of love connecting the compassionate donors and the needy sick. We earnestly hope that through your care and concern, the kind-hearted donors will continue your support on the PFCS medical funds so that the needy sick would be cured and the flame in passion re-ignited and bring hopes and lives to the needy sick.


PFCS Bedok The new clinic is located at Blk 140 Bedok North St 2 has started its operation on 17th April, 2017.


PFCS Bedok is also a (Geriatrics TCM Treatment Centre) which will focus on treating common old-age diseases, such as joint pains, rheumatism, sequelae of stroke and diabetes, etc. This will include rehabilitation services for patients with chronic illnesses or with weak health due to old age, to improve their lifestyle, strengthen their body constitution, prevent or reduce their illnesses and pains.


The new clinic is scheduled to be officially opened on 5th Nov, 2017 together with PFCS’ 43rd anniversary celebration. We are pleased to have invited Minister for Health Mr. Gan Kim Yong as the Guest-of-Honor to grace the occasion.






IPC Registration No:HEF0042/G

Address:10 Lor 9 Geylang Singapore 388758

Tel:68425470 Fax:67413301








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